What’s Worry Worth?


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing something different. I’ve been working on a devotional on worry and anxiety, and I thought I’d share with you some thoughts from it. I would love your feedback on what you think of this. the format is the following:

  1. Silence.
  2. Read Scripture.
  3. Read a Devotional Thought.
  4. Reflection Questions to Work through.

I know that many of us struggle with anxiety at different levels. For some its a momentary thing, for others I know it is a lifelong struggle and you are on medication for this. Please know, that I don’t offer any judgment, but my hope is that wherever you are in that spectrum these thoughts can be helpful.

Please forgive me if I’ve been insensitive or have missed the mark. I’m still learning how to use what I write to bless others. Praying that the next few weeks will be impactful for you. God Bless.


Find a quiet place where you can be alone. Take 1-2 minutes to just be silent. Try to clear your mind and focus on God’s love for you. Focus on what He wants to bring to you.


Read Matthew 6: 24-35

Devotional Thought

The other day my car’s oil light came on. Instantly, panic gripped me. I don’t know too much about cars, but I do know that when the oil light goes on, you have to pull over. Then just as suddenly as it came on…it went away. Whew! I phoned a friend to get his opinion…he said to add some oil and get it checked out. At this point I was terrified, going to the mechanic had always meant that I would end up paying more money than I had.

At the time, we were trying to pay down debt and save for a house, so any additional big expenses was terrifying. I dropped my car off, and waited…and my mind ran away with me. It was overwhelming.

“What if they find more issues?”

“Will this oil change costs me thousands?”

“What if we never buy a house?”

I felt discouraged about having to rework our budget, still struggle to pay off debt and the dream of owning a home felt like it drifted further and further away. Worry had overtaken me.

Why Worry?

In Matthew 6, Jesus asks the question, “Why worry?” You can’t add to your life, or even make yourself taller because of it. Instead, Jesus says this, take what you are worrying about and push it off till’ tomorrow. Worry can’t change anything, instead, Jesus says this:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Since each day has it’s own trouble…deal with the trouble today, not tomorrow. Stay in the moment instead of getting pulled out of it and letting your mind run away with you.

While I was sitting at the coffee shop, waiting for my car…I stopped the tape in my head from running and realized that I can’t control what they find i my car, but I can control what I do in the moment. If they found something, that’s ok…I’d worry about that tomorrow. But for now, I could just focus on my coffee, enjoy the day, and trust that everything that needed to get done would get done.

Reflection Questions.

What are the things that you worry about right now? List them. What is it that you need to focus on right now? How can you push what makes you anxious to the next day?

1-2 Minutes of Silence


Worriers are visionaries of the future minus the optimism– Ed Welch

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