Why do you preach?


Hey fellow preacher!! Can I ask you a question? Why do you preach? Why do you devote come up with an idea? Research what the bible says? Analyze what is happening in modern day culture? Why do you outline, write, re-write, practice and rewrite? Why do you work on your delivery? Get feedback? Preach your heart out? Get criticism? And then do it all again the next week?

We need to think about this question. If you have preached for a long time, we can forget why we preach and the power it has. Many preachers have used their gift and role to manipulate and abuse people. Or preachers can lose passion because of the routine, lack of response and criticism. We need to regularly go back and remember why we do what we do. Here are four of my reasons for preaching.

I preach because the gospel is the greatest story ever told.

At 14 years old, the gospel of Jesus Christ captured my heart. It still captures my heart every day. The gospel that saved me is the gospel that sustains me. That God sent Christ to save me, and to liberate me from the power of sin in my life; to use me to bring His Kingdom crashing into this planet! I love this story more and more every single day of my life.

I preach because it’s what I am made to do.

When I first discovered that I could get in front of a group of people, share the greatest message in the world I found that I couldn’t stop. Even if I wanted to, I love getting in front of people, whether it’s a group of a dozen or thousands. When I get to preach, I feel God’s pleasure. I couldn’t do anything else even if I tried.

I preach because it changes lives.

A few years ago I went through a crisis of preaching. I just didn’t see it “working” and I wondered if it even mattered.

But now, I believe more than ever! Preaching changes lives. In a moment, we get the chance to challenge people to respond to the story of God and enter into it.

One sermon may not change someone, but several sermons can help people take their next steps closer to God.

I preach because our world NEEDS PREACHERS!

Preacher…WE NEED YOU!!


Preachers create new realities with their words.

Preachers build bridges when there is division.

Preachers speak Truth when others speak in platitudes and flattery.

The world needs preachers that LOVE God!

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Nithin is a follower of Jesus, husband, father, and pastor. I want to see Christians humbly and compassionately engage culture with the gospel of Jesus to see personal and cultural transformation.

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