Sunday Night Notes – Ep. 1- Preaching in the Spirit

For the first episode, I wanted to share something I’ve learned about preaching in the Spirit. I recorded this the morning after I shared my heart during a worship night. I learned a few things about paying attention to the Spirit and resting in Him. Leave your comments on the bottom.

Resources Mentioned

Podcast – Preaching in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Books – Power through Prayer by EM Bounds.


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Nithin is a follower of Jesus, husband, father, and pastor. I want to see Christians humbly and compassionately engage culture with the gospel of Jesus to see personal and cultural transformation.


  1. This is great Nithin! I don’t preach, but I’m often asked to “share” in various situations, and to lead worship. This is a great reminder to practice God’s presence at all times, and definitely to be present when we are ‘up front’. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own heads, but when we gather as believers The Sprit is always active, and we can totally miss it. Going to a Turkish speaking Church (and not being even close to fluent) has made this even more true. I try to understand the songs and prayers, but even more I am learning to listen to what God is saying and doing in our midst. Thanks for this challenge 🙂 Looking forward to a future post on the topic.

    • Hey Claire, it’s always good hearing from you and seeing what you are up to. I think you’re in such an amazing environment where you’re learning to hear the Spirit beyond language. Keep leaning into it. I just wrote a post about how to grow in that area. thanks for commenting and for connecting!

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