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Quality #8- Focus

October 12, 2011 nithin81 0

Today’s Quality is focus.  In our culture, having a.d.d and multitasking are the norms, so focus is really beginning to set apart leaders that are […]

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Quality #6-Courage

October 4, 2011 nithin81 0

“Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”à Eddie Rickenbacker (World War I aviator, VP of Eastern […]

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Quality #2 Charisma

September 26, 2011 nithin81 0

I usually like to focus on current events or theology on this blog.  But I’m turning a little out of my regular sphere to look […]

Saints of Suffering

August 25, 2011 nithin81 1

I’m reading through Brennan Manning’s book the Signature of Jesus.  I love Manning, and I think everyone should read everything he has ever written.  Manning […]