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Quality # 13 Positivity

October 28, 2011 nithin81 0

Great athletes are conditioned to perform well.  That’s why they take time to practice and prepare their bodies so when game day comes, it becomes […]

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Quality #10–Initiative

October 19, 2011 nithin81 0

Today I was reading about the concept of initiative. Leaders see opportunities and capitalize on them. As I analyze my leadership in different areas, I […]

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Quality #9–Generosity

October 18, 2011 nithin81 0

Generosity is more than just money.  There is a Scripture that I treasure that speaks into this; it’s 1 Thessalonians 2:8, “Because we loved you […]

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Quality #8- Focus

October 12, 2011 nithin81 0

Today’s Quality is focus.  In our culture, having a.d.d and multitasking are the norms, so focus is really beginning to set apart leaders that are […]