Kierkegaard and Anxiety

This the last installment of our 7 week devotional on anxiety. There were times that we skipped a few weeks because of holidays and the like. I’d love to get your feedback and whether or not doing a devotional series would be helpful or not.

Week 7

Today we’ll be looking at the thoughts of the Christian philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard was an existential philosopher in the 1800’s. He was writing to a society and a culture that believed that you were a Christians by simply being born in a Christian society. Kierkegaard railed against this, almost to the point of overstating his point. Here is a small reflection on his work on anxiety that he had written.


Take a minute or 2 to center yourself. To be still and prepare your heart to hear from God.


Matthew 11: 28-30

Anxiety and Existence

In an article for Relevant magazine, philosopher Michael D. Stark wrote this about Soren Kierkegaard:

Kierkegaard taught me what I had been waiting to hear my whole life: Anxiety is necessary and even good. It manifests itself at the juncture where an individual realizes the power he or she has in making decisions. Anxiety is the realization of freedom and the possibility of choice.

We often associate anxiety as a negative thing. And for many people it is. But after reading and thinking about this, I had another thought. What if anxiety is more like birth pangs. As in, it signals that something great is about to happen in our lives.

It could be a new opportunity that is coming our way, a new relationship, a new paradigm for living. Whatever it may be, what if anxiety signals that this new ways of seeing the world; being in the world is coming our way. If Kierkegaard is right, then anxiety was a sign that we need to look at things in a new and better way.

Whatever your struggle with anxiety looks like, it may be a sign that God is doing something greater in your life than you are even aware of. And it means you need to take a step forward into the unknown, into the difficult and sometimes painful dessert of the real.   

Reflection Questions

What new opportunities are before you causing you anxiety and fear? What is God telling you to do through your anxiety?

“All existence make me anxious, from the smallest fly to the mysteries of the Incarnation; the whole thing is inexplicable to me, I myself most of all; to me all existence is infected, I myself most of all.”– Kierkegaard


1-2 Minutes of Silence

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